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Audio-visual performance

Everything people see around them will one day cease to exist. Everything they have will one day be broken. Every life will end one day. The matter will disappear. Time will stop. Connections will lose their meaning. This is an irreversible law of nature.

Irreversibility triggers a wide range of feelings in people. Fear. Relief. Confidence. Depression. Thinking in response to these emotions leads to action - and every action has consequences. This is also a law of nature. To which human nature is also subject. Or maybe not?

One of the peculiarities of humans is the ability to intervene in natural processes. This ability often leads to diametrically opposite results. The technological revolution and global warming. War and medicine. A wrench and a baton. They have learned to change the environment, can they change themselves?

With this performance they want to address several topics that are important to them. Is the irreversibility of events synonymous with doom? Are all events in human life natural? What role do natural processes play in people's lives? Does humans have an influence on these processes? Is he an observer or an actor?
Additional information
Elena Francalanci is an Italian artist and choreographer based in Berlin. She studied classical ballet and began her professional career in dance companies and theatre productions such as Balletto Teatro di Torino. In the last years she started freelancing and connecting her experience in theater with visual art. Her approach is purely based on the feminist fundamentals. She uses her background in classical and modern dance in connection to visual art deconstructing visual, social, political forms with new combinations.

She took part in works by Leila Hekmat, James Batchelor, Ohad Naharin, Shahar Binyamini, Itzik Galili, Costanza Macras, Matteo Marziano Graziano, Cornelia Böhnisch, Renè Reinhardt and many more.

minimum_duo is a live audiovisual performance project. With our performances, we have always tried to raise the issue of connection between events, their causes and consequences, connection between places and events that happened or will happen there. We are researching methods of material accumulation and forms of its presentation. Each of our performances differs in the shape of the screens, scenography and genres of music. We are experimenting with objects on stage and digital technologies.
Participating artists
Olena Avdieieva
Serzh Avdieiev
Elena Francalanci