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Evening Panel

Controversies about AI abound. But are we having the conversations and controversies about AI that we need to have? Some hold that the public debate about AI is increasingly dominated by state and industry.

While activists, journalists and researchers have played a key role in getting issues of AI-induced discrimination, surveillance and worker exploitation on the public agenda, current initiatives focused on “responsible AI” seem designed to strengthen the “innovation state” and create opportunities for business.

As development and investment in AI is again rising sharply after the ChatGPT moment, even technologists and world leaders articulate warnings that AI might cause fundamental damage to societies, including the risk of extinction. But are these the harms and risks that we should prioritise in public and policy debates about AI? How can we put forward an agenda of controversies on AI that puts society centre stage?

In this evening panel, experts from activism, journalism and politics engage with today’s big challenges at the intersection of AI and society. The conversation draws on findings from the international research project Shaping AI and the concluding conference Shifting AI Controversies.
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