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NoonSong - Song & Prayer

There are close spatial connections between the
composers heard today in NoonSong, for they worked in Dresden,
Zittau, Leipzig and Dessau. While the Kreuzkantor Heinrich Schütz is
held in international esteem today, the works of the Zittau composer
Hammerschmidt are already less well known, even though he was held in
high esteem by Schütz. Even though Friedrich Schneider was one of
the most influential music makers of his time in Leipzig, he has been
almost completely forgotten 150 years after his death.

  • Preces: Simon Berg (*1973): Preces und Responses
  • Tagespsalm: Psalm 51b: Andreas Hammerschmidt (1612-1675): Schaffe in mir, Gott
  • Wochenpsalm: Psalm 143: Friedrich Schneider (1786-1853): Herr, erhöre mein Gebet
  • Canticum: Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672): Deutsches Magnificat, Meine Seele erhebt den Herren (SWV 426) op. 13,7
  • Choral: anonym: Herz und Herz vereint zusammen

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