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Prime Time Theater digital

His name is Bottom. James Worthingbottom. On behalf of Her Majesty and with a license to wear plaid, James and his partner Katja chase a fugitive sugar bomb terrorist across Berlin.

Glas Piccolo
Glas Piccolo tanja dickert,

The "terrorist", a cheerful Rhinelander who attaches great importance to leo patterns and her beloved piccolöchen, must escape from the two. And cleverly disguise herself. And see to it that she finally gets her Piccolo. But there never seems to be time for that....

The English gentleman James is always close on her heels. If only there weren't so many distractions: beautiful women, old loves and, of course, fast cars. And tea! This wild chase really has it all.

This is the first prime time theater production made directly for the big screen - born out of a unique Kiez-Kultur cooperation with Cineplex and powered by Bayer Kultur.

A sensation! It plays: Johanna M. Schmidt, Julia Franzke, Ryan Wichert, Noémi Dabrowski, Oliver Tautorat

  • Script: Johanna Magdalena Schmidt
  • Director: Julian Mau
  • Head of Camera: Marc Poritz
  • Light & Sound: Fabio Quenaya Wittler
  • Assistant Director: Philipp Leinenbach
  • Stage: Bill Retzlaff
(Program in German)

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