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hip hop ska reggae with a scratcher/DJ

Nico Maleon is the singer of ska reggae band La Coyota, now
touring Mexico. His love for hip hop made him start a solo carreer using
collaborations with different musicians and dj's to keep it interesting.

He collaborated with Rueda ft Charles Arns, Espejo ft. Gera Mxm, Poeta, Luna Roja ft. Pressidente, Sin Clase Crew, BCN & Dj Phat, Boomerang ft. Bungalo,  In 2018 he made his first tour through Spain and Europe with the Sonora Project with Pavel Cuauthli (saxophon), Paskual Man (bass), Cesar Burgos (drums) and Tito (trombone). This 2023 tour will be with DJ/scratcher Corven.

Of course he wants to play on this tour too together with the local hip hop acts and crews.  

NICO MALEON ft DJ CORVEN MEX – hip hop ska reggae with a scratcher/DJ European tour november 7th - december 10th 2023  

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Nico Maleon