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Nici Laz is a freelance artist who can no longer imagine life without singing and music. The young musician has been living and working on her career in colorful Berlin since 2021. She originally comes from a small, natural village in Rhineland-Palatinate, near Koblenz. The stories from her childhood merge into the songs created today. The burdens of human life are her creative inspiration.

The newcomer released her first single “Dear Angel” in May 2022. Two years later, their debut EP “Therapy” is just around the corner. Even though her music sounds like pop, the “jazz vibe” runs in her veins. Touching vocal harmonies round off their songs, groovy basslines and funky guitars lift the mood. Nici Laz convinces in presence with her honest manner. For her, the focus is on celebrating life. With a full band, it invites you to dance and feel.

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