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and first castle opening 2023

The Förderverein again invites to the traditional New Year's concert at the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg!

Neujahrskonzert auf dem Pfingstberg
Neujahrskonzert auf dem Pfingstberg SPSG/ Förderverein Pfingstberg in Potsdam e.V., Foto: Katja Hube

Weather permitting, guests can visit the palace on New Year's Day between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and enjoy the beautiful view from the palace towers "into the new year" or visit the permanent exhibition on the history of the ensemble. Then, at 12 noon, the traditional New Year's concert will take place again. In front of the castle, members will sell warm drinks and grilled sausages.

The castle will not be open again on a regular basis until March.
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Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg Potsdam