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"The Net World"

To counteract the complete disinhibition on the Internet, a networld authority is investigating particularly questionable cases in order to shed light on the increasingly blurred boundaries between virtuality and reality. After all, more and more people are withdrawing into the so-called "net world" and leaving their mundane lives behind. Here they can live out their lives uncensored and beyond all legal and moral laws, while the "real" world around them seems to be getting more and more complicated and comes up with ever new rules. In short: here they can be free.

Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht
Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht © Monika Ritterhaus

In the course of her investigations, Inspector Morris comes across a domain where people can live out their virtual pedophile tendencies. A border crossing? After all, nothing happened: It's just pictures, just feelings - and they're not real. Or are they? What is reality? Do our actions only have consequences where the world physically touches us? Do morals only apply where they have a material impact? What does the technological expansion of the world and of man mean for our lives? What for our freedom?

In her crime drama "The Net World" (2013), U.S. author JENNIFER HALEY negotiates the questions about the moral dilemmas that the mechanization of our everyday lives confronts us with.

She was awarded The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for the play.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Von Jennifer Haley (Autor/in)
Nico Holonics (Sims / Papa)
Kathrin Wehlisch (Morris)
Philine Schmölzer (Iris)
Alexandra Lukas (Iris)
Veit Schubert (Doyle)
Christian Erdt (Woodnut)
Max Lindemann
Robin Metzer
Lara Roßwag
Benjamin Schwigon
Johannes Nölting
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus