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Luck, patience and artistic flair characterize the creation and work of the Neocon network, which constantly created new project spaces and thus repeatedly made possible places for art presentations. The exhibition NEOCON After Effects in the gallery neurotitan presents the work of the network from its beginnings to current works.

"It's hard to have patience when you're waiting on luck" (Kara Jackson, 2022)

NEOCON After Effects examines the artistic and social developments of the last 15 years, both by juxtaposing works from the beginnings of the network with current works and by bringing together first wave Neocon artists. A range of areas such as painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography will be presented.

The Neocon network, founded in 2007, has repeatedly made new places for art presentation and production possible by opening up project spaces. Various exhibition projects, participation in trade fairs, publications and campaigns were realized under the then controversial name, which was derived from the new conservatives in the USA and reinterpreted as new-contemporary.

Participating artists

Angelika Arendt, Andreas Becker, Christina Gay, Stefanie Grammetbauer, Grischa Kaczmarek, Lea & Adrian, Wolfgang Lugmair, Philipp Karl Moritz, Linda Reif, Christian Schmuck, Tinka Stock, Felix Toth
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