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The neighborhood festival will take place again in September around NIRGENDWO in Wriezener Park in Friedrichshain. The festival is organized jointly by residents and local initiatives and invites young and old to join in and enjoy.


Bike workshop │Bring your bike and spare parts if necessary and repair your bike with the support of experts in the NaturFreunde mobile bike workshop.

Gift and exchange table │Your things will find a new home here and you might find a new treasure.

Children's flea market │Buy & sell toys or children's supplies at neighborly prices. There are no tables available - it is best to bring a picnic blanket with you. As a stand fee, we look forward to a sweet or savory contribution to the cake buffet.

Theater / Performance │Several short performances for children and anyone else who is interested.

Yoga │Put on comfortable clothes and just join in.

Food & Drink │Cake and street food, as well as coffee, sodas and beer are waiting for you.

Workshops │ Here your creativity can unfold and at the same time you do something good for your urban environment.

Children's program │Look forward to dazzling soap bubbles, games and the environmental detectives.
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