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A musical-philosophical journey between filigree tones and experimental sound technologies - including a world premiere by Portuguese composer Luís Antunes Pena.

Ensemble Inverspace
Ensemble Inverspace © Daniele Caminiti

This evening is is named after Michelle Lou's electroacoustic composition, "Near Distant" continuously plays and experiments with space, time and their interconnection. The boundaries of actual physical space as well as the imagination inevitably expand. Ensemble Inverspace then presents a new work by Luis Antunes Pena that explores instantaneous communication and the misunderstandings that arise from it. With "Box of Instants" Fernando Manassero acts with the linking of acoustic and electronic signals. The material is fed between both worlds. The result is an organism of its own that condenses differently depending on the momentum. Léo Collin recurs selected moments through live recordings, quasi as picture-in-picture. Oxana Omelchuk's "Nocturne" closes the evening. With the help of the electronic instrument Vocoder, the delicate sounds of the calm and dreamy musical approach combine with original sounds from the streets of Minsk on the night of August 10, 2020, during the protests of the Belarusian opposition.


  • Michelle Lou - Near Distant
  • Luís Antunes Pena - The small book of misreadings (UA)
  • Fernando Manassero - Box of Instants
  • Léo Collin - Corals
  • Oxana Omelchuk - Nocturne
Ensemble Inverspace is passionately dedicated to contemporary and experimental music. The musicians place a special emphasis on close collaboration with composers. Since its founding, the ensemble has focused on the possibilities of creative processes in the field of electronic music and new sound technologies. Among the composers commissioned are Sarah Nemtsov, Oxana Omelchuk, Michelle Lou, Matthias Krüger, Georgia Koumarà, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Raphaël Languillat and Sergej Maingardt.
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Participating artists
Clemens Hund-Göschel (Klavier)
João Carlos Pacheco (Perkussion)
Patrick Stadler (Saxophon)
Maruta Staravoitava (Flöte)
Robert Torche (Live-Elektronik)
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