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The RAW site, which has been used by cultural workers for years, is to be redeveloped. How could Nazi forced labor be thought of in this context?

The Reichsbahn is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Nazi forced labor. In June 1944, forced laborers made up two-thirds of the workforce at RAW Warsaw Street. Most of them were housed in a barracks camp in Berlin-Kaulsdorf.

The lectures present new research on the working and living conditions of forced labourers. Based on forms of commemoration at other former Reichsbahn locations, it will be discussed how the topic can be appropriately commemorated in Friedrichshain. A temporary information board was erected last year.

dr Christine Glauning: Forced Labor in Berlin
Documentation Center for NS Forced Labor, Director

Dominik Aurbach: RAW Warsaw Street
Drop In - Forum for Intercultural and Political Education e.V.

Barbara Schulz: Camp Kaulsdorfer Strasse
Office for Contemporary History and Monument Preservation

Eberhard Elfert: RAW's in the German Reich
city historian

Prof. Dr. Gabi Dolff-Bonekamper: Commemoration
Art historian and monument conservator

Moderator: Nora Hogrefe
Coordination Office Historical City Markings

(Program in German)
Additional information
Meeting point: House of Music - RAW Grounds