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The nationwide Reading Day has been Germany's biggest reading aloud festival since 2004 and is a joint initiative of DIE ZEIT, Stiftung Lesen and Deutsche Bahn Stiftung. Every year on the third Friday in November, the day of action sends out a public message about the importance of reading aloud and gets children and adults excited about stories.

It's easy to take part: anyone who enjoys reading aloud grabs a story and reads it to others. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to designing your own read-aloud event. Many events take place in schools, kindergartens, libraries or bookstores. But unusual reading locations are also popular: from zoos to museums and planetariums to readings in the pedestrian zone, everything is included.

Year after year, more and more people are enthusiastically picking up a book and reading to others. When the idea for the action day was born, just 1,900 people took part. Today, around 700,000 people read aloud and listen to books all over Germany.
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