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Photographs by Jürgen Hohmuth 1990-1994

At the beginning of the 1990s, the East Berlin photographer Jürgen Hohmuth documented the phase of major changes after the fall of the Wall. He captures the fundamental changes in public life, the world of work and family life with his camera.

Ost-Berlin, 1990
Ost-Berlin, 1990 © Jürgen Hohmuth

Parallel to the exhibition "Graubunt. Between Anarchy and Deutschmark - East Germany in the early 90s". The photo text volume with photographs by Jürgen Hohmuth sheds light on the period after the fall of the Wall. With contributions by Sten Nadolny, Lutz Seiler, Ingo Schulze, Christoph Links, Kara Huber, Rainer Kirchmann, Christoph Hein, Markus Meckel, Kathrin Schmidt and others.

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