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Interview with Roland Will, Head of Sculpture Restoration, SPSG, on sculpture conservation and dealing with vandalism.

In 1754, Frederick II commissioned the construction of the Chinese House in Sanssouci Park, following the general enthusiasm for China of his time. Thus, the sandstone figures lining the house are wrapped in golden robes, which were foreign from the point of view of the time.

Chinesisches Haus, Blick auf Gruppe mit dem Falken
Chinesisches Haus, Blick auf Gruppe mit dem Falken © SPSG / Hans Bach

Some sit with tea or coffee under palm trees, others listen to music. Highly visible on high pedestals are the musicians.

Roland Will, head of sculpture restoration, will explain how to deal with the gilded sandstone sculptures from a restorer's point of view and what role vandalism plays on site. You will learn more about the general weathering issue of the marble sculptures in the park during an assessment of a fountain rondell around the Chinese House.

Public rehearsals by local cultural artists

Concurrent with the tours, a public rehearsal of local cultural artists will take place around each of the tour sites. Independently of their participation in a guided tour, the tour guests are invited to go on a discovery tour "In Neighbor's Garden" and to engage in spontaneous conversation with the artists.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Meeting point: Park entrance Kuhtor

Booking: 0331.96 94-200 (Tue-Sun) or two tickets per registration)
Park Sanssouci - Chinesisches Haus