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In a double pack: music theater and sophisticated Latin jazz

The international Latin jazz quartet Sonora Bogotá promises virtuoso music that is still danceable: traditional Cuban and Colombian rhythms are combined with sophisticated compositions and improvisations that bring out the skills of the four musicians to their full advantage.

With: Torben Mahns (piano), Dario Guerrero (bass, composition), Nicolas Pulido (percussion), Jonathan Boudevin (drums)

Ä music

"Yes, well, we are three people and we make music together and then also with scenes and everything. Well, I mean, if it were just entertainment or something, then it would be light music be.

No, no, and we really don't want that, not at all. But somehow, if you call it serious music, then it's often really great art and complex, but then also boring, well, but we don't really want to be boring, no, no, no. Yes. Yes, and that's why we're called Ä-Musik."

With: Johannes Wieners (counterpoint), Jonathan Boudevin (percussion baritone), Martijn Strating (uh-piano)

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