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Concerto for baroque oboe and organ

In the 18th century, a special genre of instrumental interplay developed in church music: works for a wind instrument and organ were created. The organ was thus not the sole soloist. In the interplay with a wind instrument, musical dialogues developed at eye level.

CONCERT ROYAL Köln © Domstift Brandenburg/Havel

Geographical centers of this genre were the principalities of Saxony and Thuringia. The majority of these works prescribe the oboe as the wind instrument, more rarely the horn or also the trumpet, flute or bassoon. In addition to a few freely composed works, mainly chorale preludes were written in which the wind instrument blew the cantus firmus, the chorale, and the organ played rich, often very virtuosic figurations.

The baroque ensemble CONCERT ROYAL Cologne with
  • Karla Schröter - baroque oboe
  • Willi Kronenberg - organ
Works by J. S. Bach, J. L. Krebs, J. W. Hertel and G. A. Homilius will be played.

Admission: 20,- reduced 13,- Euro
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Dom St. Peter und Paul