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theater performance in urban space

The "MUSEUM of Wandering Memory" is a mobile museum that stops at various locations in the Lichtenberg district. The theater performance with trace collectors Coco Rosalski and Rosa Kowalski presents a spectacular show of everyday objects and their unusual story(s) from the Museum Lichtenberg.

The audience and the performers embark together on journeys through space and time: in exchange they explore the history(s) of the objects, which range from the well-known egg slicer to the mysterious coffee grinder to the golden house number. The audience decides which stories of the finds are uncovered and told. Let yourself be inspired!

A theater performance in cooperation with K.I.E.Z. to go

Funded by "Netzwerk derWärme", an association of various civil society actors and the state of Berlin.

District Office Lichtenberg of the Berlin Museum Lichtenberg in the Stadthaus
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