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With the multimedia story app ABOUT BERLIN you can get Berlin history and stories directly on your smartphone. Now available free of charge for iPhone and Android.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Multimediale Story App ABOUT BERLIN
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The free app from visitBerlin presents history at your fingertips, moving stories and unknown sides of politics, society and history from different time periods.  Anyone can do facts, figures and dates.

In each text, in each of the more than 200 selected places, history comes alive: Oppression and revolution, idealism and pleasure-seeking, innovation and decay, imprisonment and freedom.

Telling the story of individual places in a lively way and thus making history tangible in a surprising way - that's what the new app ABOUT BERLIN can do.

Five good reasons to download the app

  • FREE - Download the app for free and get more than 200 stories about Berlin's moving history.
  • USABLE OFFLINE - Images and maps are fully usable without an internet connection after you install the data on your phone.
  • TOUR PROPOSALS - Thematic tours take you on a journey through Berlin's history.
  • YOUR FAVORITES - Create your own list of Berlin tips that you would like to discover in Berlin and create your own individual tours.
  • MULITMEDIAL CONTENT - Many stories also available as audio book and with further multimedia experiences.

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