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PANDAjazz Kulturbrauerei

"Dear audience, in the photo you can see our two protagonists Florian Müller (guitar) and Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet) in front of their newly opened women's clothing store in Berlin / Choriner Straße. The first collection of processing selected finest fabrics and pieces is presented from the bop and jazz tradition in a modern style or contemporary arrangement. Benjamin Lehmann and Uli Jenneßen are recommended for the rough, dirty work on the bass and drums. This form of upscale jazz is designed and played in the contemporary Prenzlauer Berger style: inimitably sexy and clever. In addition to creating musical delights, the band also sees itself as illuminating the historically neglected conglomerate of music, the inner struggle and fashion, and the external presentation."

(Rudi Mahall / Florian Müller)

  • Florian Müller – electric guitar
  • Rudi Mahall – clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Ben Lehmann – double bass
  • Uli Jenneßen – drums
Tickets: 10€ (online/doors)

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