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Everyone comes to Germany: the Syrians and the maltreated Syrians. Yes, even the Vietnamese want to be Syrians. The integration industry has been caught cold and totally paralyzed; she only groans "What to do? What next? Do we have to stop the movie in the middle of it and start all over again? "No, not at all! What are the Turks for?

Kabarett-Theater DISTEL | Gastspiel | Muhsin Omurca | Integration a lá IKEA
Kabarett-Theater DISTEL | Gastspiel | Muhsin Omurca | Integration a lá IKEA © Muhsin Omurca

After all, they have 40 years of integration experiments under their belt that left their mark. The experiences of the Turks - the eternal integration student of Germany - are worth gold. Now German society can count on them. Because integration is our all kebab. Finally, the underestimated and misunderstood Turkish characteristics such as pragmatism and ingenuity are on the train and will experience their renaissance. Muhsin, the father of the migrant cabaret in Germany knows his compatriots and the Germans like hardly anyone else and beats u.a. before: "Integration a la IKEA" ... As usual with self-drawn cartoons. Muhsin was discovered by Dieter Hildebrandt. "Finally a fresh cabaret idea!" The Nürnberger Nachrichten wrote about Muhsin Omurca's first cartoon cabaret program and promptly received the "German Cabaret Special Award". Muhsin is not only touring in Germany, Austria, Finland and Turkey, but also in Canada (Uni Toronto), Japan (Unis in Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka 2013) and the USA (Uni California Berkeley / San Francisco 2015).

"Brilliant addition: the cartoons he made, which met his words right in the heart ... With thunderous applause and a lot of applause he was rewarded for his presentation." Munich newspaper, 02.10.2018

This show is only played in German.

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