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The Singfrauen Berlin are celebrating their 10th anniversary and invite friends of Georgian singing from all over Germany and Switzerland to immerse themselves in Georgian singing with them and the choir director Tamar Buadze and her son Irakli Arveladze for a weekend.

On November 27, the 35 women and their numerous guests will present a colorful bouquet of songs from the regions of Kakheti, Megrelia, Guria, Racha, Svaneti, Tusheti and Laseti in the Church of the Apostle Paul.

The Singfrauen Berlin are happy to share the wonderful songs and chants with you and invite you to a musical journey to Georgia. Let yourself be carried away to the Caucasian mountain landscapes, the wide plains, to the rich Georgian tables and listen to the songs and stories.

  • Singer women Berlin & guests
  • Tamar Buadze, Franziska Welti, Sibylle Fischer, direction
  • Tamar Buadze, Panduri, percussion
  • Irakli Arveladze, accordion, duduk, bagpipes, panduri, salamuri
  • Karina Samuel, Panduri

Additional information

Presale 18 Euro
Box office 20 Euro

Tickets go on sale on 01 October. Tickets are available [HERE]