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A shadow theater that puts everything in the shade

After their victory at the French Supertalent, the Mobilés have thrilled audiences worldwide with their "Moving Sha- dows". Now the time is ripe for new adventures from the shadow world. The Mobilés have once again staged a glittering feast for the senses. Loving, suffering, dancing, turning, poetic and funny they enchant their audience - black, white and in color. Shadows that inspire the world.

KEY VISUAL Moving Shadows
KEY VISUAL Moving Shadows Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

The Mobilés - 40th anniversary tour

40 years "on stage"! 40 years of enthusiastic audience! 40 years young!

"Die Mobilés" fascinate, touch and inspire their audience since their foundation. Highlight of many awards: Winning the French Supertalent in Paris. Seven artists, a screen, light and music, that's all it takes for a dreamlike journey, e.g. into the history of our human origins, the highlights of modern music or into the higher, faster and further of sports.

The artists, dancers and mimes enchant their audience with filigree images. With astonishing precision and amazing lightness, the Mo- ving Shadows create a poetry-filled series of images from flowing bodies, swirling spiritedly into the light and disappearing again into the mysterious depths of the room. Behind the canvas their bodies merge into landscapes, animals and buildings, in front of the canvas the shadows enchant their audience. The virtuoso play of forms takes the audience into a wonderful world and hits them right in the heart.

At the world's largest comedy festival "Juste pour rire" in Montreal, they not only thrilled the live audience and TV viewers with Moving Shadows, but also the jury. They won two of a total of 6 prizes, the "Creativity Prize" and the audience prize "Winner of Hearts". This has never been achieved by any other group in the course of the 30-year festival history!

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