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Ukrainian artists question homeland

Ten Ukrainian artists address "home" in paintings, photographs and videos - commissioned by the Stadtmuseum Berlin and in cooperation with the Ukrainian curator Valeria Schiller.

The paintings, photographs and videos commissioned by the Stadtmuseum Berlin in 2022 and 2023, curated by Valeria Schiller from Ukraine, stand in the current context of flight and war and reflect the construct “home” in a very personal way. Beyond local references, "home" is presented in a superordinate, global context.

The special exhibition tries to place the big topic of individual feelings in a global context.

Artists: Kateryna Aliinyk, Julia Beliaeva, Yuriy Biley, Nikolay Karabinovych, Lesia Khomenko, Kateryna Lysovenko, Krystyna Melnyk, Alina Sokolova, Zhenia Stepanenko, Anna Zvyagintseva

From June 4th to September 10th, 2023 the special exhibition can be seen in the Museum Ephraim-Palais.

(The special exhibition is accessible in German, English and Ukrainian.)
Additional information
For the entire duration of the special exhibition and at all locations of the Stadtmuseum Berlin, admission is free for everyone with a Ukrainian passport, a residence permit from Ukraine or a valid student ID from a Ukrainian university and a residence permit in Germany - as well as for everyone with an electronic residence permit (eAT ).

June 4th – 15th: Free admission for all


The Ephraim Palais is accessible without steps. The exhibition areas can be reached via a lift. There are accessible toilets in the building.