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GroKabaret - German-French Improv sho

The GroKabaret's improvisation show “Mosaik” - the captivatingly exciting universe of improvisation at the next GroKabaret show.

With unusual and creative formats accompanied by music and poetically decorated, the audience can prepare for unexpected (sometimes hilarious) situations, extraordinary stories and much more. No script, but a lot of ideas: a theatrical journey on which the unexpected will constantly accompany you.

Show d’impro “mosaïque” du GroKabaret

Plongez in the universe captivant de l'improvisation with the prochain spectacle du GroKabaret! Sur des formats originaux et creatives, teintés de musique et de poésie, nous vous garantissons des moments imprévisibles, des situations cocasses, des histoires délirantes et bien plus encore. Also script, mais beaucoup d'idées: plongez dans ce voyage théâtral où l'inattendu devient la norme. In French and in English.