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by Silvan Rechsteiner

Silas is six, seven or fourteen and a half. He dreams of purple swimsuits with butterflies. He lost his mother far too early. Bullying at school: “Are you a boy or a girl? Make up your mind.” How is Silas supposed to decide? Does he have to decide at all?

At home a single overwhelmed father. On the suspicion of a first love, he has no better advice than: "Just use condoms". Silas is camping with Carla, a girl from school. is he in love They swap clothes and put on make-up. And then? Do you go out together like that? The grandmother stands behind Silas. Father recommends: "Do it secretly."

In ten pictures, MOSAIK revolves around questions of self-determination and identity in a serious, touching and funny way. Silas grows out of narrow-minded circumstances, familiar relationships, mourning for his mother and his own experiences. Silas is just Silas.

The production is a resumption of the production from the "Werkstatt Neuestücke 2022" of the UdK Berlin and the HfS Ernst Busch.

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