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Die ultimative Jubiläums-Show

The Thistle turns 70 - 70 years of cabaret, resistance, enlightenment and of course all served up with sharp punchlines and great music. And? Has it brought anything? Of course, 70 years of Distel, and Germany has become democratic, cosmopolitan and diverse. So a reason to celebrate, with a great show, six ensemble members sharing the stage, but not for a nostalgic look back, but for the ultimate cabaret show.

What happens when Robert Habeck unexpectedly meets himself at the psychologist? And discovers that Karl Lauterbach is also sitting twice in the waiting room. And - is it still allowed to do cabaret with Russian music in these times? How much diversity can cabaret take? What happens when artificial intelligence suddenly develops feelings? What happens to Berlin when suddenly it's not the left, but the CDU that drives everything to the wall? Is an agency for new enemy images a good business idea? And what do they look like?

What actually happens to political discontinued models like Jens Spahn when they are no longer even placed in Brussels? And why is the self-help group for anonymous assholes in the Bundestag so popular?

In short - a very entertaining evening full of new topical parodies, sketches, songs and with the reassuring realization: cabaret is like Jesus. Whenever it is pronounced dead, it is back again three days later in even greater glory.

This show is only played in German.

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Additional information
Participating artists
Thomas Lienenlüke (Autor/in)
Thomas Lienenlüke (Buch)
Dominik Paetzholdt (Regie)
Christin Henkel (Musikalische Leitung & Komposition)
Timo Doleys (Auf der Bühne)
Caroline Lux (Auf der Bühne)
Stefan Martin Müller (Auf der Bühne)
Rüdiger Rudolph (Auf der Bühne)
Nancy Spiller (Auf der Bühne)
Frank Voigtmann (Auf der Bühne)
Falk Breitkreuz (An den Instrumenten)
Bianca Dolabella / Christin Henkel (An den Instrumenten)
Matthias (Felix) Lauschus (An den Instrumenten)
Larissa Puhlmann (Choreografie)
Hannah Hamburger (Ausstattung)
Birte Meier (Maske)
Erik Brauer (Sounddesign)
Günter Berghaus (Lichtdesign)
Günter Berghaus (Licht- & Tontechnik)
Karoline Melmuk (Licht- & Tontechnik)
Stefan Berger (Bau Bühnenelemente)
Sophia Michailidis (Bühnenmanagement)
Melanie Wichlein (Bühnenmanagement)
Elisabeth Hinz (Produktionsassistenz)