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Theater director Stas Zhyrkov presents his version of the comedy "Mongos" written by Sergey Goessner. It is the story of two young men who could hardly be more different: Icarus - paraplegic since an accident - a real loudmouth who likes to call his fellow men "spastis" or "mongos". Francis suffers from a severe form of multiple sclerosis. He is sensitive and self-reflective.

Szene aus Mongos
Szene aus Mongos © Anastasia Mantach

Both get to know each other in a rehab clinic - and become best friends. They drink, smoke, go to the movies, talk about sex and women, and experience their first heartbreak. And along the way, they have to learn to deal with their physical limitations. A play about empathy and the ability to express it.

Language: Ukrainian with English subtitles
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Participating artists
Artem Plonder
Vladyslav Onishchenko
Sergey Gößner
Sebastian Anton
Stas Zhyrkov
Ksenia Romashenko