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The punk rock duo Mobina Galore from Winnipeg/Canada transforms chosen outsider attitude musically into best explosive punk. The band belongs to the youngest generation of artists:inside, who equip the genre of power punk with a new narrative. To this end, Jenna Priestner (guitar/vocals) and drummer Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) take a no-frills approach to music. The duo's musical hallmark is unadulterated, heavy dynamic tunes that deal with the ups and downs of life.

Mobina Galore
Mobina Galore © Dwayn Larson

The band, formed in 2011, released their latest single, "Whiskey Water" in April 2022 after three albums.

Their debut album, "Cities Away" (2014), already wrapped the complexities of life transitions in straightforward power punk. Their second album "Feeling Disconnected" (2017) dealt with feelings of isolation and was recorded with just drums and guitar to capture the raw intensity of their live shows, and their latest album "Don't Worry" (2019) pays homage to a number of genres of their generation, such as 90s Westcoast skate punk and first wave Midwest emo.

In 2021, Mobina Galore released "Waiting", a two-track EP showcasing the band's acoustic side. It reflects on the two years they had to spend away from the Corona stage conditionally at home in Winnipeg.

Jenna and Marcia's lyrics deal with a range of emotions including confusion and outrage, despair and ultimately forgiveness, addressing the blunt reality of universal experiences.  They span a wide range with their lyrics and strike directly at the nerves of their fans. They turn the stereotype of "overly emotional women" on its head with their version of punk rock.

In 2017, they were nominated for Rock Artist of the Year and in 2019 at the Western Canadian Music Awards. They have toured with Against Me!, Propagandhi, Pennywise, Iron Chic and Pascow, PUP, Petrol Girls and Spanish Love Songs.

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