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Weiter Schreiben Ukraine

Weiter Schreiben, the portal for literatures from zones of war and conflict, initiated literary correspondences between Ukrainian authors who fled to Germany from Russia’s war of aggression and their German-speaking colleagues.

KEY VISUAL Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022
KEY VISUAL Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022 Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022

The tandem partners are Daryna Gladun & Asal Dardan, Oksana Stomina & Ulrike Almut Sandig, and Natalka Sniadanko & Tanja Dückers.

What power does the mighty pen have in light of the ongoing war? How do life and writing continue in exile? And what significance does this exchange have for the Ukrainian authors? This evening belongs to them, their literary correspondences and open conversations.
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Maxim Gorki Theater: Studio Я