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With its program “Missa Illuminta”, the ATLAS Vocal Ensemble is organizing a concert this year, the focus of which is Frank Martin’s double choir a cappella mass. The occasion is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.

Martin's “Messe pour double chœur a cappella” is a mass setting for two four-part choirs that he composed between 1922 and 1926, although it was not premiered until 1963. The mass remained hidden in his drawer for a long time because Martin viewed this mass as a very personal matter due to its religious content and saw it as a matter between himself and God.

Under the title “Missa Illuminata”, the ATLAS vocal ensemble brings further a cappella works, piece by piece, light on the way to what Martin himself calls the “secret mass”. The program includes works by other composers without academic composition careers: Clytus Gottwald died in 2023 and left us great works for choir, such as his vocal transcription of Mahler's “Urlicht”. Also on the program will be the first movement of Brahms' motet “Why is the light given to the Mühseligen”, “Lux aeterna” by Edward Elgar in a vocal version by John Cameron and “O Nata Lux” by Thomas Tallis.

The ATLAS vocal ensemble was founded in Berlin last year and consists of 24 young singers from all over Germany.

Admission free - donations requested