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Bossa Nova, Canzone Italiana and Jazz

The Puglia-born singer Miriam Netti presents a unique blend of classical Bossa Nova, Canzone Italiana and Jazz. A timeless music that immerses the listener in a dream, of sun and sea, passion and coolness.

Miriam is a welcome guest in our club and each of her concerts was and is a touching testimony of her outstanding musical abilities. Fresh, multi-faceted, rhythmically elegant, melodic, virtuosic and with subtle international flair. Her albums La Bossa Volume 1 and 2, released on the renowned label Timezone Records, have been enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike.


Miriam is accompanied by a truly outstanding international rhythm section:

On guitar, we welcome Johan Leijonhufvud, an exceptional guitarist from the circle of guitar god Kurt Rosenwinkel, on whose label Heartcore Records Leijonhufvud releases. The Swede commutes between Berlin and Skåne and is enthusiastic about countless different musical tasks.

Giacomo Tagliavia is a Sicilian bassist who is one of Europe's outstanding bass specialists. Honored with his own entry in the "Italian jazz dictionary" since 2014, he is mainly at home in classical music and jazz, but can effortlessly play all styles from rock to RnB to electronic music. Tagliavia, who also works as a composer, now lives in Berlin, where he enriches the local scene with his groove.

Heinrich Köbberling is a percussionist and composer. Through his many years of work with internationally renowned artists such as Ernie Watts, Julia Hülsmann and his own formations, he has gained experience in national and international concert life. His collaboration with renowned labels such as Sony, Universal and ECM as a musician and producer has also enabled him to realize his own ideas and production methods. After studying in Hamburg and at the Mannes College of Music (New School), he spent many years as a freelance musician in New York. In 2019, he began teaching jazz/drums and ensemble at the Jazz Institute Berlin after 18 years at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Academy of Music and Theater in Leipzig.

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