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In this workshop, creating a nature diary is combined with selected nature education activities and mindfulness exercises. Here, those interested can experience how a deeper enthusiasm for nature grows and wonders can be discovered that would otherwise have been missed.

To create a nature diary, participants do not have to be good illustrators. It's not just about what emerges on the pages, but rather about collecting experiences, mindful observation and immersing yourself in nature. So, grab a notebook and your favorite pens and come along!

Speakers: Luisa Wolf & Lucia Kühn

Meeting and end point Hahneberg Nature Conservation Station, Heerstr. 549.13593 Berlin. Bus (M37, X49/M49), the Hahneberg stop is almost right in front of the door.

Registration takes place via the Spandau Adult Education Center, stating the course number Sp1.410-H.

Tel.: 90279 5000 Fax.: 90279 5001 E-mail:,

Cost: 7.34 EUR€ per person (reduced: 3.67 EUR€)
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