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After the godfather of the German stand-up scene more than filled the program dozen, it's now #13. The number is said to bring bad luck, but bad luck is only the precursor to humor. At the same time, it is also a lucky number for many.

Yes, what now? What is actually good and what is bad? For some, God is the best comedian in the world, for others, nope, the devil has the Funny Bones. But who still listens to the two?

This program is for everyone who likes to sit in row 13 on an airplane or throw the minibar out the window on the 13th floor of a hotel. A safe place is reserved for the triskaidekaphobics. Except Fridays.

#13 will be Mittermeier's most personal program ever. Why? He then tells it live on stage.

(Program in German)

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