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The world is in turmoil. It's good to hear someone talking about a topic that is guaranteed to put people in a good mood. So it's no wonder that this topic, of all things, is taboo for 65 percent of Germans. After all, with all the daily horror news, most laugh muscles are as frozen as 30 years of gas boycotts. Complaining at record levels: Help, it's not just inflation that's coming apart at the seams, but also our own proportions. So bring on the only true survival aid: humor!

Michael Frowin lachend
Michael Frowin lachend Bernd Brundert

The latest studies prove it: Who laughs, is happier! So it's only fitting that cash laughs too! So let's talk about money! Cash! Because only cash is true! Only for how much longer? After 2700 years, that's the end of gravel. Or as the Greens would say: End of the unsupervised toad migration. Cash is being abolished! Quietly, clandestinely and secretly.

Why should this concern us all? Michael Frowin unpacks it. And not only highly entertaining, but also thoroughly pointed and peppered with crisp songs!

(Program in German)

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ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon
ufaFabrik: Varieté Salon