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Formed in 2019, Like the Mind is an intercontinental instrumental sextet led by award-winning violinist Meredith Bates bringing together highly sought after musicians from bothCanada and Sweden: Peggy Lee (cello), Elisa Thorn (harp + FX), Lisen Rylander Löve (sax +FX), Lisa Ullén (piano), and Emma Augustsson (cello).

These women have pursued theircareers to achieve excellence and be recognized internationally for raising the bar of artisticinnovation and merit. Their accolades are countless and they continue to forge ahead intheir fields as artists of absolute integrity and outstanding ability. Born out of theunmistakable similarities between their musical sensibilities, Like the Mind is dedicated tocreating sound works that challenge dominant systems, lean into innovation and change,and represent the vast and limitless landscape of their art form. Improvised music is thespontaneous voicing of these ethics and desires and represents, in the moment, throughthe language of sound, everything that we feel together.        

Like the Mind performs high-level genre-defying music, both free-form and originalcompositions, using a combination of acoustic instruments and effects processing. ThinkLilith and Medusa's love child in a post-apocalyptic Bladerunner world.       

Like the Mind has had the pleasure of being in residence at the lengendary Fylkingen inStockholm, where they also performed and recorded their debut album in February of2020. They have been featured at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, where theirsecond live album was recorded on June 28th, 2022. Over the past two years, the membersof Like the Mind have created two collaborative art films and one EP. In 2023, Like the Mindwill be presented at the prestigious Jazztopad Festival in Poland, tour central Europe andScandinavia, and headline the Listen, Listen Festival in Vancouver.

  • Meredith Bates (violin)
  • Peggy Lee (cello)
  • Elisa Thorn (harp + FX),
  • Lisen Rylander Löve (sax +FX)
  • Lisa Ullén (piano)
  • Emma Augustsson (cello)