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the fascination for the sea is all too human the artist realized at
some point that it is almost exclusively men who stand in prominent
poses at the shore overlooking the ocean.

Alone. Eye to eye with the force of nature. Defying the vast. Yearningly. Or confrontingly?

Lars Wagner didn’t find an answer to this phenomenon and showed the pictures to various experts asking them for their opinion: behaviorists, gender experts, psychologists. But also an astronaut, pastors, a mountaineer, a yoga teacher, a lighthouse keeper and a lot more. Each one of them had their very own, fascinating interpretation of the men at the water‘s edge and the effects of its breadth, its contemplation and endlessness in general.

Lars Wagner, born in 1977, works as a freelance writer in Berlin. And when he's not writing, he is carrying a camera. He prefers to capture unspectacular and casual moments of everyday life, which usually tell us a lot about our lives - like the men standing by the sea.

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