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Since its formation in 2010, the Berlin-based Melt Trio has become one of the world's most innovative guitar trios in contemporary jazz. With their progressive and unique sound they inspire professionals, music lovers and concertgoers at jazz festivals and club concerts around the globe.

After the highly acclaimed albums "Melt" , "Hymnolia" and "Stroy", the long-awaited new album "CONSUMER" will be released in November 2022 on the still young label FunInTheChurch.

On the countless concerts and tours together all over the world, the three Berliners have polished their special style more and more and show in details even stronger creative will.
Their combination of acoustic and electronic sounds seems more subtle and at the same time more powerful than ever, concrete influences from Jazz and Classical Modernism to Post- and Prog-Rock are at best dimly discernible, because the music simply sounds like Melt Trio. It is and remains a guitar trio without any comparison.

"Melt is neither Nirvana on jazz, nor Bill Frisell Trio in rock, nor Massacre in ambient. Melt is Melt, unique, individual, gripping and poignant."

The Melt Trio has received three Echojazz nominations and has been featured by Arte Concerts, Arte Tracks, FAZ, taz, RONDO, Jazzpodium, Jazzthetik and Jazzthing, among others. Brothers Bernhard and Peter Meyer, the two composers of this band, were profiled earlier this year by the world's most important jazz magazine, DownBeat Magazine.
In May, the Melt Trio played on the main stage of one of the most prestigious festival for contemporary jazz - Moers Festival. In 2016, the Melt Trio toured Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) at the invitation of the Goethe Institute. In 2017 followed a concert on the main stage of the internationally highly decorated festival "Garana Jazzfestival" in Romania.
Collaborations with musicians from the classical music and electro scene (Jan Bang, Gebrüder Teichmann) have increasingly ensured that the Berlin band is also known far beyond the circle of jazz listeners.

Moritz Baumgärtner has played his way into the international league within a very short time. Already nominated and awarded several times for the ECHO, he is tirelessly touring worldwide with e.g. Lisbeth Quartett, Melt-Trio, Johanna Borchert Band, TAU - Gropper/Eldh/Zoubeck, Marie Kruttli Trio, Arne Jansen, Dan Peter Sundland, Mats Spillmann Trio, Johannes Finks Ammoniaphone feat. Greg Cohen, Sebastian Gille, Frittenbude, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Bonaparte, and many more. He can be heard on over 40 international Cd productions on labels such as Traumton, Sony, Warner, Enja, Clean Feed, Staatsakt, Audiolith, Clang....) mainly as a jazz drummer and improviser but also as a rock/pop drummer.
Moritz is an integral part of the improvising jazz scene around Petter Eldh, Philipp Gropper, Jonas Westergaard and others, as well as an equally sought-after drummer for rock bands (Bonaparte, Frittenbude and others). He never ceases to amaze with his very personal sound aesthetics and his unconventional creative will.

Norbert Krampf (FAZ) about Moritz Baumgärtner: "He has long since functioned not only as a rhythmic backbone, but [...] as another sound-shaping instrumentalist. Unusual gongs or bicycle bells are as much a part of Baumgärtner's tools as his personal style of accentuating or subverting rhythms." (FAZ)

"There is probably hardly a comparable guitarist in Germany who is as versatilely oriented and works as creatively as Peter Meyer," writes the music magazine Sound and Image.

Jazzthetik calls him a "master of sounds" .

Since his music studies at the UdK Berlin, Peter Meyer has worked as a guitarist, composer and sound artist. In the meantime he has become an important voice of the young generation of musicians. With his approach of merging all influences from sound art, experimental music, jazz improvisation, avant-garde pop, electronics and new music, he has developed his own musical form of expression that moves beyond all genres, crossovers and avant-gardisms.
Peter Meyer gained national and international attention especially with his longtime bands "Melt Trio" (together with his brother Bernhard Meyer and Moritz Baumgärtner) and "Other Animal" (also with Bernhard Meyer, as well as Jim Black and Wanja Slavin). Since 2010, his bands have delighted audiences and the trade press with numerous releases and concerts at home and abroad. In 2015 and 2017 he was nominated for the Echo Jazz.

Bassist and composer Bernhard Meyer has lived in Berlin since 2003 and has become a central part of the young, exciting jazz scene there over the last few years. His unique playing and distinctive, warm sound on the semi-acoustic electric bass make him a very special and distinctive voice within the jazz world. Bernhard Meyer completed a master's degree in composition with John Hollenbeck at the Jazzinstitut Berlin and was thus able to find a mature form of expression and an unmistakable style in composition as well, which effortlessly fuses many and diverse influences. He play(s) with artists such as John Hollenbeck, Jim Black, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nasheet Waits, Peter Evans, Jan Bang, Levy Lorenzo, Claudio Puntin, among others. The debut albums of two new bands were released simultaneously in spring 2018 on the Berlin label Traumton Records: "OTHER ANIMAL" - the joint quartet with his brother Peter Meyer, featuring Jim Black and Wanja Slavin. And "MURMURATION - Bernhard Meyer Quintet."
With Claudio Puntin (clarinet, electronics), Julius Heise (vibraphone, glockenspiel, melodica, percussion), Peter Meyer (guitar, electronics) and Andi Haberl (drums, percussion) His band "Melt Trio" was celebrated for the albums "Melt", "Hymnolia" & "Stroy" by the press and music lovers of various genres and meanwhile nominated three times for the Echo Jazz.

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