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Selected works by pupils of the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium Berlin, in an art installation by Manuel Ahnemüller.

50,000 exhibits on 20,000 m2! The pupils of the Thomas Mann Gymnasium Berlin took a close look at them all. What did they discover? Which is interesting for whom? Is it all a matter of taste? And how can we work artistically with the objects?

Die Schüler*innen des Thomas-Mann-Gymnasiums erkunden im Rahmen von Humboldting die Sammlungen
Die Schüler*innen des Thomas-Mann-Gymnasiums erkunden im Rahmen von Humboldting die Sammlungen © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss/ Foto: Manuel Ahnemüller

With the help of facilitators, guided by the Berlin artist Manuel Ahnemüller and not least through personal research, the pupils took a closer look at selected exhibits on an artistic and personal level.

Dabbed, sprayed, dotted - works were created in a wide variety of ways that will be arranged together with Manuel Ahnemüller into a large installation exhibition for the foyer of the Humboldt Forum at the end of the students' artistic research.

Do you recognise one or the other object from the exhibitions? What do you think, which artwork appeals to your taste?

Manuel Ahnemüller
designs both large-scale installations and stage productions in his artistic works, but he also works on a smaller scale with artefacts and objects. In his design processes, he primarily deals with the themes of im/ material cultural heritage and identity. He studied Visual Communication at the University of the Arts Berlin, where he was awarded the artistic distinction of the Meisterschüler in 2019 for his participatory installation Memoria (link: During his stays abroad, including in Australia (2010/11), Los Angeles (USA, 2015/16) and Toronto (Canada, 2017/18), he acquired intercultural skills that are now an important component in his diversity and anti-discrimination work and practice as an arts and culture mediator. Since 2022, he has been researching the design and impact of consumer graphics on plastic bags in his PhD in media theory.

In the framework of Humboldting! Pupils do research
One School! Thirty Students! One Museum! Five Years! Thousands of Objects! Ten International Artists and Art Projects! Thirty young researchers from the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium will spend their teenage years studying every inch of the Humboldt Forum in collaboration with international artists and present their findings, like clockwork, every six months.

- Free of charge
- No language skills required
- Wheelchair accessible
- Location: Foyer
- Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 10:30 - 18:30; Tue: closed
- Belongs to: Humboldting!
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Humboldt Forum - Foyer
Humboldt Forum - Foyer
Humboldt Forum - Foyer