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Set 1 will be played by the Baioni Quintet, followed by the trio MASUAL presenting a compilation of what they call Freeimprovisedelectroaousticnoisevoice Compositions.

Set 1: Kim/ Laju/ Anders/ Gödecke/ Baioni Quintet
Jung - Jae Kim - sax.
Vincent Laju - cello, shakuhachi
Isabel Anders - piano, piano inside
Heinz - Erich Gödecke - trombone
Elia Baioni - double bass

Set 2: MASUAL 
Freeimprovisedelectroacousticnoisevoice Compositions 

Alex Nowitz – voice & gesture-controlled live electronics (strophonion)
Sukandar Kartadinata – electric guitar & electronics
Matthias Bauer – double bass

The trio MASUAL presents a fascinatingly outlandish and, even though, a well-balanced set of what they call Freeimprovisedelectroaousticnoisevoice Compositions. With anxiety-free ease, they smoothly bridge the analogue sphere of sounds from voice, guitar and double bass with highly manipulated and electronic sounds. The bewitching aesthetics of the visual and sonic results of this unparalleled presentation is beautiful, but also seems highly unpredictable. The reason for this is Matthias’ virtuosic double bass playing while, at the same time, both Alex (‘strophonion’) and Sukandar (‘augmented guitar system’) play unique, custom-built (by the last-mentioned!), motion and gesture-controlled live electronics all of which allow the extension of their original instruments, the voice and the guitar, embarking to reach out for astro-like soundscapes.