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/ Yun Lee & Marcelo S. Daza

A boxing match where two fighters (Marcelo “Killah” Daza and Yun “Jade Fist” Lee) unravel the layers of their socialized masculinity, driven by the friction between a need for touch and a fear of intimacy.

The two performers engage in rituals of protection before facing off in a fight to exhaustion navigating the lines between attraction and repulsion, intimacy and violence. The commentary starts off narrating the fight before shifting into generated text on capitalist masculinity, and melting into nonsense.

Duration: 30 - 35 min



Yun Lee is a US born, Hong Kong raised artist and curator mostly working with lecture-performances, sound, and workshops. Much of their work engages critically and playfully with recording technology to navigate shifting definitions of what being human is. In short, Yun is concerned with how our filtered ways of sensing both limit and extend the ways we understand, categorize, and compose the world.

Yun was not allowed to do any martial arts training as a child. As an adult they fell in love with boxing and MMA and have been training for several years.

Marcelo S. Daza is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Chile in 1991, and currently based in Berlin. He works as a musician and sound/installation artist in Theatre/Performance collectives, dance companies and as a soloist. He works as a light designer for theatre, performance and contemporary dance. As an artistic director, Marcelo has created different platforms for emerging artists, presenting works at festivals, theatres, digital platforms and as well as street interventions.

He has trained as a boxer for the past 3 years. His practice looks for shared sensorial experiences.
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Participating artists
Yun Lee (Performer)
Marcelo S. Daza (Performer)