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MAR is an invitation to slow down the gaze and sensitize the listening beyond structures of understanding that are already known. By embodying existences that have been historically denied or erased by dominant modes of representation, MAR calls us to perceive life beyond the human, the tangible, the logical, the categorical and the bureaucratic.

Hof der Uferstudios Berlin
Hof der Uferstudios Berlin © Uferstudios

SOLO STUDIES is a trilogy of dance solos in which Clarissa occupies for the first time in her artistic career, after 20 years of working as a dancer, also the position of choreographer. The beginning of this project corresponds to her move from South America to Central Europe, a change that made her more sensitive and aware of issues related to identity, representation, belonging and memory. Each solo has a body as its axis, an existence which is limited to a specific spatial condition and posture. From there, Clarissa investigates how slowness and endurance can affect and transform the situation not only of this body on stage, but also of the body of each person present in the performative event.

The performances of SOLO STUDIES are BLOOM (2018), MAR (2020) and RISE (2022).

To take time, to be present, to look and listen keenly: perhaps this is the only way to relate to these performances; perhaps this is also the only way to better understand the world in which we live.
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Residencies at artblau Tanzwerkstatt (DE), Forum Dança (PT) & LAKE Studios (DE).

Supported by Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark & GVL Neustart Kultur.


Concept & Performance: Clarissa Rêgo | Assistance: Henrique Fontes | Light: Dani Paiva de Miranda
Uferstudios: Uferstudio 1
Uferstudios: Uferstudio 1