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go drag! 2022

A true story of the Victorian Trans Pioneer. Artist Joey Hateley’s very first performance in Berlin!

go drag! - The Man-Woman of Manchester
go drag! - The Man-Woman of Manchester © John Versfeld

Harry built chimneys by hand until 1860 and is proud to be part of Manchester's worker bee history. From a young age, they dreamed of having their own trade, on their own terms. Women weren't allowed to run businesses and Harry knew they'd never be another man's property. The Victorians called Harry an “epicene” - not man, not woman, but something in-between. As a pioneer of equal human rights, Harry would be honored to shake your hand, in solidarity with those silenced in the shadows. In-situ filming with live performance and digital technology will shine light on this unsung hero's journey, transporting us back in time to celebrate TransCestory.

"This is a recorded initial work-in-progress followed by a filmed Q&A for audience engagement, feedback and development."
Participating artists
Joey Hateley (Idee & Performance)
English Theatre Berlin