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Dreams only remain dreams until they begin to live. Consequently, the new single of the German-American is called "Dreamer". It is a hymn to the courage, conviction and self-determination to stand up for goals in life and not to deviate from them.


Music has always been Malik Harris' passion, so he taught himself to play guitar, bass, drums and piano. He started combining RapParts with his characterful singing voice.

His first two singles "Say the Name" and "Welcome to the Rumble" quickly became streaming hits. Tours with James Blunt, Alex Clare, Jeremy Loops, Tom Odell, Walk Off the Earth or LP speak for themselves.

Harris' musical inspiration, marked by unconventional songwriting, he takes from idols like Twenty One Pilots, the electro sounds of Jack Garrat or the hip-hop style of rappers like Macklemore, Eminem or NF. Now he's taking it to new heights, "Dreamer is just the beginning."

Malik Harris consistently goes his way, which leads him to Berlin in September with new material.

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