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Up the Berlin TV tower via app

The view of the city is breathtaking, for tourists and Berliners alike. But what do you actually see when you look down on Berlin from the TV tower? The new app offers guidance and shows highlights, special places and digital content via augmented reality on the cell phone display when the device is pointed in the corresponding direction.

Blick auf den Berliner Fernsehturm vor blauem Himmel
Blick auf den Berliner Fernsehturm vor blauem Himmel © tanja dickert

But a virtual visit to the Berlin TV Tower is also possible from home with this app. If you visit the Berlin TV Tower yourself, so-called key points appear on the cell phone display when the smartphone is moved. Behind these points are descriptions of important buildings and monuments, stories in the form of videos, and filters such as a Berlin Wall filter. Using augmented reality, a 3D model of the Berlin Wall is superimposed on the panorama of the city, along which you can navigate and view interesting places such as border crossings.

The app is a joint project of the four observation towers belonging to the Magnicity company. In addition to the Berlin TV tower, the Montparnasse in Paris can be experienced at the start. Other observation towers, such as the Euromast Rotterdam and the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, will follow at a later date. All content can be accessed from anywhere in the world, including from the couch at home. Gradually, more content will be loaded into the app. So it's worth regularly whipping out your smartphone on one of the towers or taking an augmented reality journey to these wonderful cities from home.

This app combines Berlin history and digital technology, a real added value for all fans of the Berlin TV Tower

Go up the Berlin TV Tower via app and experience more there thanks to augmented reality

The "Magnicity App" is available for free download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
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