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The Norwegian rock band Madrugada is coming to Berlin in the fall of 2023!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Madrugada
© Madrugada (Credit: Knud Aaserud)

Quite surprisingly, Madrugada performed 2019 together again in Oslo. More than ten years the band paused, only to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their long since classic debut record "Industrial Silence" and to embark on a long-awaited comeback tour through Europe.

The reason for the long break was the surprising death of the great guitarist Robert Burås, who had greatly influenced the band's sound. All the more gratifying was the realization that everyone was looking forward for them and their dark and nocturnal music and how good it felt for Madrugada to play these songs together again.

The three remaining founding members Sivert Høyem (singer and guitarist), Frode Jacobsen (bassist) and Jon Lauvland Pettersen (drummer) now wanted more. Above all they wanted new music, which is why after the tour they went straight into the rehearsal room. The Scandinavians worked with producer Kevin Ratterman first in Los Angeles and later, during the pandemic online,on the tracks of the album "Chimes at Midnight", which was released about a year ago. On it Madrugada show themselves changed.

To replace Burås was not even tried. Instead, the songs have "a stronger singer-songwriter vibe," as Høyem says: "It even had a therapeutic effect. The album gave me a sense of closure." The instrumentation has expanded, with background vocals and strings. In one song, the piano even takes center stage. What has remained is the melancholy
mood, the long, concentrated musical arcs in the songs and, of course, the hypnotic baritone, with which Høyem fills the pieces.

Madrugada are back with old power and new ideas, and are coming to Berlin for a show.

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