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Lunch concert festival

The artistic directors of the festival invite to the final concert: the duo Ingolfsson/Stoupel will play with friends the Piano Quartet in G minor by Johannes Brahms and the Piano Quartet by Gustav Mahler. With Judith Ingolfsson (violin), Friedemann Ludwig (cello), Vladimir Stoupel (piano), N. N. (viola).

Porträts des Duos Judith Ingolfsson und Vladimir Stoupel
Porträts des Duos Judith Ingolfsson und Vladimir Stoupel © Duo Ingolfsson-Stoupel / Marke Priske

The annual festival presents five days of compositions whose creation and historical performances are connected with the Musikwerkstatt Berlin: Composers and musicians from around the world who were inspired by this city.

The 2023 Festival is a cooperation between the Mendelssohn Society and the Embassy of Ireland, sponsored by the Embassy of Iceland, supported by Ad Fontes Attorneys at Law and Guy Oppenheim.

Artistic direction: Judith Ingolfsson & Vladimir Stoupel.
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Price: €12.00

Reduced price: €6.00