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Selected Works of the International Class Pablo Zuleta Zahr

"Luminous Frontiers" explores the meaning of territory both physically and metaphorically, confronting various facets of human existence. It illuminates representations of oppressed and wounded bodies as well as moments of ecstasy and lightness.

Viewers are invited to reflect on intimate, psychological, physical, and political boundaries that lie beyond individual control—as well as moments when control is relinquished. In this way, the dialectic of opposites becomes a closing circle. The interplay of light and darkness is particularly emphasized, whereby this pictorial language is inspired by the chiaroscuro technique of painting and conveys pain through the use of contrasts. "Luminous Frontiers" illuminates the delicate balance between ecstasy and struggle, love and loss, resilience and vulnerability. It also offers an opportunity to explore the "in between".

With photos by Bruna Costa, Idil Morsallioglu, Taavi Rand, Léna Richez, Kazuma Tsuji, Anika Werk