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They are the most important part of human experience: our feelings! At the same time, people today have a big problem with their emotional readiness, because with unlimited possibilities there is a great temptation to distract yourself.

The well-known psychologist and podcaster Lukas Klaschinski shows in his non-fiction book how people can instead deal better with their own feelings and those of others. In this way, people learn to accept emotions, integrate them and use them as a guide in life.

The author explains the psychology behind her emotional world in a well-founded and approachable way and shows: No feeling is bad. Through his personal stories, you can experience feelings, understand them and try them out for yourself in this book. Using the renowned Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Lukas Klaschinski illustrates how true willingness to feel can be experienced and what actually helps to lead a fulfilled life.

Lukas Klaschinski works as a psychologist, researcher, podcaster and presenter. In 2014 he produced his first podcast, Best Friends, which is now one of the most widely-reaching relationship podcasts in Germany. In 2018 he founded his own audio production company On the Ears. He started their psychology podcast with Stefanie Stahl in 2019. That's just me!, which is consistently high up in the charts. Lukas Klaschinski has a master's degree in psychology, is a behavior and communication trainer and lives in Berlin.

(Program in German)

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