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The young band from Brighton, UK, proves that indie rock will never die. Their EP "Pebble Brain" was already a little sunshine in the pandemic off and lived up to the band's name. The opener "Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry" alone was upbeat, snappy and a little snotty.  Next April they will finally fly over from Brexithausen to perform their hits like "Taunt", "Sex Sells" or "Perfume" live.

LoveJoy LoveJoy

If you're wondering about the high click numbers and haven't had the band on your radar yet: they come not only from the beautiful songs of the band's head and singer William Spencer Gold, but also from his internet fame. Under the name Wilbur Soot, the Brit has long been a very successful YouTuber and Twitch streamer, combining his very own humor with music making. Songs like "I'm In Love With An E-Girl" or "Internet Ruined Me" generated millions of views, as did his Twitch streams.

So it's all the nicer that Lovejoy now doesn't sound like a disdainful solo platform for him, but that together they are a really good indie band.

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